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MARY is the smart wearable for
monitoring your child’s breathing and temperature

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Who is Mary?

MARY monitors your child’s breathing and temperature.

MARY is a helper for parents and children. She is there to look after your children whenever is needed. This smart wearable was designed to keep track of the most relevant vital data of your children in a gentle and loving way.

MARY looks like a cute little ladybird and contains high-end sensors that are able to track body-temperature, breathing and body-movement. It is not the intention to surveil your children but moreover to help them communicate how they are. This way parents do not have to hover over their loved ones once they get ill and suffer for example breathing abnormalities (i.e. apnea), chronic disease, fever episodes etc. Mom and dad can remain at peace knowing that they have a companion to look after their children.

MARY uses data transmission via medically acknowledged Bluetooth Low Energy (between sensor and relay-charging-station) and then forwards the information through the GSM-net (2G) to the cloud server which communicates with the sticklett smart-phone app. Alerts can be given as soon as irregularities appear.

The genius smart fashion concept.

The patented sticklett method gives you the possibility to attach MARY, the cute wearable ladybird applique, to the so-called canvas, which is sewn on our sticklett shirts. You can attach and remove it how often you want. If MARY is attached – the shirt becomes smart. If MARY is removed from the shirt’s canvas –  the shirt becomes beautiful everyday life fashion. You can get these shirts with different canvas designs.

We have created a special cutting that retains comfort but is as tightfitting as necessary to reliably measure and convey vital-signs. Part of the sticklett shirt is lined with a conductive textile for measuring the body-skin temperature via Infrared Technology.  .

For children from 0 to 10 years

Measures vital signs with certified medical sensors

Soft, ergonomic and child-friendly shape

Anonymous, reliable and safe data transmission

Medical accepted Bluetooth low energy communication between ladybird Mary and relay – charging station. Data transmission via GSM (not Wi-Fi) between relay-charging station, cloud

Organic cotton and high quality materials. – Hygienic and skin-friendly

Scientifically and medically tested

Developed with the University of Applied Sciences Department of Medical Technology in Carinthia, Austria

Temperatur Changes?
Sleep Walking?
Irregular Breathing ?

You will be informed over your smartphone.

Easy to use – also for babysitters and grandparents!

MARY always works when your phone is on and receiving – even when you’re away for business, on a date or on vacation. The setup is very easy: simply connect the relay-charging-station to the powersupply and stick MARY to the undershirt. Even granny can do it!

  • Range throughout the world
  • Secure mobile data transmission via 2G
  • Legally conform Data Protection (GDPR) and anonymisation
  • Practical wireless charger in form of a picture frame
  • Meets the latest technological standards
  • Developed with the Department of Medical Technology of the University of Applied Sciences Carinthia, Austria
  • comfortly ordering of underwear out of the sticklett smartphone App
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Be calm and relaxed – when your child falls ill.

If your child is not feeling well, breathing is always the first vital sign that becomes irregular. Since MARY will notify you immediately when the respiratory rate leaves the normal range, you can react right away – without constantly having to monitor yourself.

The immune system of the person develops until the age of ten.  Infants in particular suffer often from

  • temperature surges,
  • infections,
  • apnea and respiratory diseases,

MARY’s sensors and sophisticated algorithms monitor your child’s breathing and temperature – reliably and throughout the night.

She is a little lucky charm for the whole family!

How exactly does MARY work?

MARY, the ladybird applique, has integrated a small sensing devise with battery and medical sensors, that measure your child’s vital signs without skin contact. If any irregularities occur, you will be notified immediately by an audio alarm signal on your mobile phone.
You can record your child’s breathing and temperature over the long term and evaluate the data for different situations.

Rapid temperature fluctuations

Despite its high reliability and accuracy (approx +/- 0,3° C) MARY does not replace a clinical thermometer. The data-feedback indicates a highly accurate suggestion of the relative temperature variation over a long-time period, with measurement units every 15 minutes. This way MARY recognizes temperature increase unusually fast.

Sleep apnea syndrome

This syndrome is much more often at children – especially in the pre-scholar age –  than you think. Kids stop breathing for a short moment and thus do not rest as well as they are supposed to. Our algorithm registers respiratory movements and recognizes breathing stops out of defined range.

Shipping of MARY contains the following:

  • smart wearable integrated in a ladybird applique with rechargeable battery and medical sensors,
  • relay-charging station as decorative picture frame
  • instructions for use
  • small tale about Mary to explain Mary in a lovely and child-friendly way
  • coupon for a free corresponding undershirt or body in size and design of your choice
  • free download-link for the corresponding smartphone app

Quick setup and charging

When unboxing MARY simply connect the relay-charging station to the power supply and put MARY on it. The relay-charging station looks like a decorative picture frame and perfectly harmonizes with the children’s room. MARY will start to charge immediately through wireless charging.

30 minutes of charging  – about 48 hours of use.

corresponding clothes

Mary works together with the special sticklett clothing. The corresponding clothes can be comfortably ordered – at your choice – directly out of the app. We offer a large set of bodys, undershirts, pyjamas in different colours and designs.

You may order individual pieces or obtain the right-size pieces automatically on subscription base. This way right size piece of clothing will be delivered at the right time to your home. You can be sure to have the right clothing at hand whenever they are needed.

Material: 100% organic cotton (ÖKO-Tex Standard 100)

Maschine washing with 40°C

Also the ladybird applique can be washed in washing-machine at 40°C with the corresponding washing bag (Attention: Sensing devise needs to be removed before washing.

Choose your plan for using MARY

Since MARY uses the much more reliable and secure GSM/SIM transmission – instead of WiFi – there will be data transmission charges. We’re working with a worldwide IOT-sim-card in order to provide global data transmission coverage.

The first two months of usage are included in the initial shipping. You may then choose your preferred data option. There is no binding contract involved.

We are presently shipping and have secured data coverage for the following countries: Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

You can choose your use-plan upfront. Pay for unlimited use over a period of time (month or year) or pay per use. We can provide special conditions for Kickstarter backers.

  • The data usage for unlimited use on a monthly base is EUR 5,- for Europe / EUR 7,49
  • For USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Payment per year is EUR 50,- for Europe / EUR 69,99
  • For USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. There is no contract binding (!) and it is possible to switch to pay per use option any time.

MARY always works when your phone is turned on, is able to receive data and the MARY smartphone app
is started – even when you’re away for business, on vacation or simply in another room.

How it works?

Help MARY finance the series production!

So that MARY can protect as many children as possible, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund our invention. On kick-starter You can invest in MARY and immediately get a goodie – and hopefully in the near future the opportunity to get MARY first and have your child protected at night. In addition, free updates are planned for all first-time users:

  • position detection (e.g. prone or upright position),
  • Baby monitor function via level of activity
  • sleepwalking recognition
  • etc.

MARY was scientifically evaluated in field tests of the University of Applied Sciences Kärnten: The study results and first user experiences are very promising. Media such as N24, futurezone, KURIER, Kleine Zeitung, Wirtschaftsblatt, all4family, weekend, WOMAN or the Kronen Zeitung already reported about us. Are you also helping us to realize an Austrian invention and to protect children all over the world at night?

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